Advanced Logistics Services To Meet All Your Shipment Needs

LMCA Logistics provides the best services and advice in the movement of materials through the supply chain. Our cost-effective solutions-based approach led by a professional workforce, is simply unrivaled in the market.

The key element that distinguishes us and pushes us to go the additional mile is our enthusiasm for seeing our customers succeed. Here are the services that we specialize in.


Step Deck Services

For oversize and over-height cargo shipping and freight services, LMCA Logistics offers step deck (drop deck) trailers. These trailers are identical to regular flatbed trailers, but they have an extra step on the lower deck. A step deck trailer is the answer when your cargo exceeds the maximum height allowed by a flatbed trailer.

Our unique Step Deck trucking services safely transport tall machinery and heavy items up to 10′ high without the need for over height permits. We also have a large network of expert, experienced transporters who specialize in over-dimensional and oversize transit. Our staff of skilled logisticians oversees and monitors your shipment, guaranteeing that it arrives safely and on schedule at a reasonable price.