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LMCA Logistics provides every business with a whole range of shipment and logistics services to deliver your loads hassle-free. Let us plan your shipments, reduce your expenses, and scale-up your profits in no time.

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Load Planning

The best way to optimize your shipments is to plan your loads. With effective load planning strategies, LMCA Logistics can make your dispatchments cost-effective and efficient, while also solving your complex freight problems in no time.

Top Paying Loads

Our work is to help everyone win! While we help companies with the most cost-effective solutions, we also help the carriers get the top paying loads. Join hands with us and drive your profits high.

Invoicing  Paperwork

With each passing year, compliance standards get stricter, and so does the documentation. But you don’t have to take any paperwork headaches when we’re here. Our wholesome services would take care of all your legal documentation for a safe and hassle-free freight.

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Moving Your Loads Across All Borders.

LMCA Logistics has dived into the freight industry to provide you with the best and the most wholesome shipment services. We’ve built networks with several carriers across the state to make sure that your shipments are swift and seamless. So, let our marvelous team and commitment to excellence make your complex freight logistics simple, efficient, safe, and cost-effective.

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Our Services

We’ve Got The Perfect Solutions For All Your Loads

LMCA Logistics reacts proactively to all your truckload capacity needs. We assist the shipment of thousands of truckloads each day, making them reach their destinations safe and secure.

Reefer Services

Reefers are sealed, enclosed trailers, equipped with temperature control. They’re the best for moving all your temperature-sensitive goods. Thus, you can rely on our reefer services to make your perishable products reach the final spot in their original conditions.

Flatbed Services

Don’t stress about loading or unloading your heavy loads or fitting your over-sized goods into a dry van. Get our flatbed services that are perfect for shipping over-sized loads weighing tens of thousands of pounds!

Dry Van Services

Dry vans are enclosed semi-trailers that protect your goods from the outside factors. We provide businesses with affordable dry van services that are fast, and efficient, helping your shipments transfer damage-free.

Step Deck Services

A step deck trailer is perfect to carry your tall shipments that exceed the legal height limit if transported on a conventional flatbed trailer. Thus, with our Stepdeck services, transport your over-heighted cargos without worrying about permits or extra costs.

We Enable Shipments
Across The States

Our network spreads extensively across the USA with hundreds of local, regional, and national carriers. We are committed to exceeding all of our clients’ and carriers’ service standards with cutting-edge technology and proactive communication.

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We Provide Unbeatable Loading Services At The Best Prices

LMCA Logistics stands apart in the vast freight sector by providing unmatched client care and a tireless commitment to supply chain efficiency optimization. We provide shipment solutions that reduce your costs, and help your business flourish in no time.

  • Efficient load planning
  • Proactive customer service
  • Adaptability to various shipment needs and circumstances
  • Affordable prices
  • Commitment to quality

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